Consulting that Improves Performance and Leaders

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At Haelan Group, our consultants and methods deliver much greater returns on projects ... true transformation.

We know the means to reduce errors by 90% and achieve increased throughput of 50%, 100%, or even more.

How?... we don't just sell a canned "best practice,” which might, on average, be a reasonable answer - we work to understand your specific problems and develop your specific solutions. We know where to look.

We partner with you through transformational change: to articulate the need, develop and understand the solution, and how to sustain the gains, to manage the people and processes going forward - to allow you to lead a better, more efficient organization.

Haelan Group, LLC

“You've never seen me do this before. Here's the Balance Sheet in December, here it is in January and here's the $2.2m. This is real.”

- Chief Financial Officer, Regional Health System

World-Class Consulting For Those That Typically Wouldn't Have Access to it

Proportionately larger returns on projects allow us to work with a broader range of areas in your organization or with smaller organizations - giving access to consulting help for those who the larger traditional consulting groups wouldn't even consider possible.

Haelan Group, LLC
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Increasing throughput, shortening Customer lead times, increasing Customer Satisfaction.

Healthcare: Increasing RVUs and procedures per day, reducing contractual allowance losses and missed co-payments, increasing Patient Satisfaction, and Engagement.

Increasing occupancy and average daily rates, throughput, and decreasing backlog.